How do I get information on mental and behavioral health care programs?

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How often are Health Net Access' online doctor and hospital directories updated?

Find a Provider is our online directory of all contracted physicians, hospitals and facilities. While Provider Search is updated daily, it is recommended that the member contact the prospective physician to verify their availability and if they are accepting new patients. 

How soon should I expect to be seen by a doctor and how do I get the care I need?

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How do I get rides to Medical Appointments?


In cases of emergency (in a lifethreatening situation) call 911.Your condition is a medical emergency when your life, body parts or bodily functions are at risk of damage or loss unless immediate care is received.


Members can get rides to doctor appointments in several ways. The easiest way is to find a ride with a family member or a friend. If family is unavailable, please contact Member Services at 1-888-788-4408. We will arrange for transportation for medical appointments. Please contact us three (3) days before the appointment.

You can call Member Services at 1-888-788-4408 on weekends and holidays, for transportation to urgent care centers when you are sick. Always remember to dial 911 in a true medical emergency.

Car Seat, Wheelchair or Stretcher

If you need a car seat, wheelchair or a stretcher for your ride to a routine doctor’s visit, patient transport services vans can take you there and bring you back. You must call Member Services to set up these rides at least three (3) to four (4) working days before your appointment date.

Prior Authorizations

Prior Authorization means your doctor has asked permission for you to get a special service or referral. We must approve these requests before the delivery of services. 

Some medical and behavioral health services may need Prior Authorization.

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Do You Need Help in Your Language?

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