Provider Operations Manual

The Health Net Access Operations Manual (pdf) provides Health Net participating providers necessary information to ensure members enrolled in the Health Net Access plan receive appropriate covered services when needed. Health Net Access participating providers are required to comply with applicable federal and state laws and regulations and Health Net Access policies and procedures. The contents of Health Net Access' operations manuals supplement the Provider Participation Agreement (PPA) and its addendums. When the contents of Health Net Access' operations manuals conflict with the PPA, the PPA takes precedence.

The Health Net Access Provider Reference Guide (pdf) is a supplemental document to the Health Net Access provider operations manuals and provides a summary of the essential components of the Health Net Access (AHCCCS) plan. The guide contains information on topics, such as billing, policies and procedures, physician responsibilities for coordination of member care, prior authorization procedures, contacts for Health Net Access and public health agencies, and more.

Additionally, Health Net Access provides the following reference materials to providers: